Nuova Uscita 27 Novembre – “LOVE WITH ME” With Me In Seattle Book 11 di Kristen Proby (English Edition)

Titolo: Love with me
Serie: With me in Seattle Book 11
Autore: Kristen Proby
Genere: Romance
Casa Editrice: Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
Lunghezza: 252 pagine
Prezzo: Ebook € 4,40 – Cartaceo € 16,30
Data di pubblicazione: 22 Novembre 2018



From New York Times Bestselling Author, Kristen Proby, comes the latest in her beloved With Me In Seattle Series, Love With Me.

Best friends from college. Plus-ones since med school. A chance for something new…

Jace Crawford heals hearts for a living. More than that, medicine is his life. To become the leading cardiothoracic surgeon on the west coast, he’s made sacrifices. No social life. He barely has time to sleep. Love? Forget about it. But when everything goes horribly wrong on his table, and he unexpectedly loses a patient, Jace is suspended from work.

When a man has nothing but his job, what does he do when that’s gone?

Joy Thompson collects unwanted strays. A dog with one eye, a three-legged cat, a bird that swears like a sailor? All part and parcel of her veterinary business. It helps pass the time.
Until Jace calls out of the blue to ask her out on a real date. Spending extra time with him is dangerous. Her feelings for her best friend have always been stronger than simple companionship. If she gets attached, what happens when he goes back to work and leaves her behind?
But as the weeks progress, falling for each other is inevitable. This time, Jace’s heart is the one that will need fixing before both of them end up broken.



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